Oleksii Kocherev

Oleksii Kocherev

Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Analyst,
Head of Software Engineering and New Products Development Manager

Personal website:
Lenny Osipov

Lenny Osipov

Lenny Osipov provides the business acumen and innovative vision the company needs to be successful. He is a career entrepreneur who creates and builds thriving businesses which fill a void in the marketplace.
Lenny has over 12 years of experience developing, operating and managing medical facilities. He is an expert in all areas of healthcare and revenue cycle management. Over the past 17 years, he has successfully created, built, and sold businesses in the mobile and healthcare industries. Lenny studied Economics and Management in Queens College CUNY, and took courses in computer programming and design.

Hermann Burckhardt

Hermann Burckhardt

President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Puget Technologies, Inc.
Presently, Hermann Burckhardt occupies the position of President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Puget Technologies, Inc.

He previously was Director at NexGen Vision, Inc.

Mr. Burckhardt received an undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton and an undergraduate degree from Barry University.

Burckhardt's experience is vast in Investment Banking and Corporation Ration Ration Rate Finance, which suits the Company needs in the next phase of development. Throughout the years he has worked for some of the nation's premier Investment Banks as well as for his own Broker/Dealer as Syndicate Manager/Member in multimillion dollar transactions. He has also trained over 10, 000 Stockbrokers throughout the United States for most of Wall Street premier Investment Banks as well as Regional Broker/Dealers through his training company, Securities Training Institute. In the last few years Mr. Burckhardt was instrumental in several transactions, some of which were the result of Reverse Mergers and for which he was appointed Chairman and CEO such as Invicta

Vladimir Agafonkin

A rock musician, an open source enthusiast and a JavaScript engineer at Mapbox.

Vladimir is an author of Leaflet, the most popular open source web mapping library, used by the world's biggest brands like Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Pinterest, Evernote and European Commision.

Linkedin: agafonkin

Łukasz Tyrała

Designer at, former User Experience Design Director at VML Poland and Front-end Developer at Creativestyle.

Łukasz has more than 8 years of experience in design. His knowledge and tools are in digital products, interfaces, systems, services and other things that integrate with everything digital. He is the author of numerous publications and owner of even more awards.

Linkedin: lukasztyrala
Personal website:
Twitter: lukasz-tyrala

Marcin Wolak

WordPress Programmer / Front-End Developer at ABB, CEO at and Lead Organizer of WordCamp Polska 2015.

Marcin is a creative, fast, experienced and very positive front-end developer. He is in love with life and WordPress. His motto is "Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite" (Paul Arden).

Linkedin: marcin-wolak

Konrad Krawczyk

Multidisciplinary designer focused on ux & web design and branding. Currently works as a Senior Web Designer at Before he worked for PromoAgency, where he designed for such brands as Aviva, LOT, KIC InnoEnergy, Kruszwica and GreenPharmacy.

Konrad has more than 7 years of experience of designing projects for individual clients and companies in Poland and abroad.

Linkedin: konrad-krawczyk

Jakub Rejkowicz

Creative head, DJ and live performer. Vinyl and musical instrument collector. Designer with 8 years under his belt.

Client experience: Bosch, Siemens, Subway, Google, ING, DHL, Scandilines, MetLife, Remax, AirCanada. Apart from work he is interested in programming, electronics and new technologies. Currently works for Infusion Development creating applications, interfaces and designing business services.

Ingvar Stepanyan

JavaScript developer, speaker and reverse engineer.

Ingvar is an obsessed developer-to-developer programmer (Acorn, Babel, ESTree, JSX, etc.). He currently helps to speed up internet as JavaScript Performance Engineer at CloudFlare in London, UK.

Linkedin: rreverser  

Anastasiia Chudovska

QA Engineer with more than 5 years of experience, currently works at Opera Software. Previously worked as a test engineer for web and desktop applications in 3Shape company.

Anastasiia decided too become a software test engineer since met to many bugs in real life and software which usually were not noticed by others =) She spends a lot of time on Coursera and other MOOC websites. She can not imagine her life without traveling and horses.

Linkedin: anastasiia-chudovska  

Andrii Matukhno

Software Engineer focused on quality and testing processes. Currently works at Microsoft, Skype division (Prague, Czech Republic).

Andrii has 5+ years of experience in software testing. He is a co-founder of QA Club Kiev - community of software testing engineers. He is passionate about automation and continuous delivery. In his free time he likes travelling, photography and chatting about new technologies, mentoring junior testers. Motto - "It's super important to do what you like and never stop learning."

Linkedin: andriimatukhno  

Elvira Medynska

Senior QA Engineer with more than 7 years of experience. She currently works at Oracle.

Elvira is very passionate about testing web-applications. In addition she likes to coordinate testing processes and lots of time spends investigating the new techniques and methods to help the team work effectively. She likes to spend her free time with family traveling and doing sports.

Linkedin: elviramedynska  

Anton Nemtsev

Independent front-end developer for over 15 years Anton has a complete stack of technologies necessary for the development of web projects.
Representative of Web Standards in Ukraine.
Founder and editor of the electronic journal Frontender Magazine,
speaker at international and local conferences for web developers.

Michał Kosecki

Passionate about design and communication, IA / UX / UI specialist focused on usability and conversion/value, business analyst with 8 years of experience.

Michał worked for more than 200 customers around the world. He is in love with innovative and natural interfaces, service design and mobile technologies.
Hobby interest in copyright law and intellectual property protection.


Ewa Karaszkiewicz

Front-end developer at xHTMLized, co-organizer of WordCamp Polska 2015.
She’s mostly focused on
RWD and semantic markup, interested in UX. WordPress newbie. Bookworm and esthete. In love with good webdesing, seasides, Audrey Hepburn and Florence & The Machine’s music. Her motto is ""Dream Move Hope Do”.

Twitter: higheelmess

Wojtek Zajac

Lead front-end developer at, started office in Krakow back in 2010

Wojtek loves anything related to Angular.js, RWD and Web Accessibility. Extensive experience working among and leading distributed front-end teams since 2006. Featured clients: Twitter, FOX Broadcasting Company, Rogers Media, RIOT Games. Enjoys public speaking and traveling.

Linkedin: wojciechzajac
Personal website:
Twitter: theanxy

Łukasz Kokoszkiewicz

Product Analyst at Lumesse. Web developer with a great passion for UX/Interface design and love for building great websites and mobile apps.

Łukasz has more than 7 years of experience. He perfectly knows HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He really likes is to design/develop front-end side of the websites or web apps because he prefer his work to be truly seen.

Mariusz Nowak

Full stack JavaScript programmer, eGovernment consultant for UNCTAD.

Involved in development of JavaScript tools and modules (CommonJS/Node.js) that allow robust creation of modern web applications (client & server side) targeted for both mobile and desktops. Currently working as an UNCTAD consultant on Open Web solutions of which long-term goal is reduction of grey market in developing countries.


Oleksiy Duritsyn

9 years of IT experience in different areas of DLC. His passion is automation of different processes, starting from testing activities at work and finishing home tasks. Few last year’s he is investigating security-testing domain.
As for free time, he prefers active outdoor activity – ski in winter, bicycle in summer.

Work career:
4y at Luxoft as QA Automation eng / QA Lead
2y at Incom as Technical engineer
2y at Carlsberg group as Help Desk engineer


Marcin Borecki

As a passionate programmer and trainer, Microsoft has awarded Marcin with the MVP title (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and currently Microsoft Regional Director for CEE (Central Eastern Europe).

Marcin has four years of experience developing and managing software projects for global insurance companies. With diversified experience as a leader, serial entrepreneur and developer, Marcin can provide valuable feedback and support to the contestants.

Mariusz Gil

Architect and CTO focused on high performance and scalable web applications. Trainer, consulant and conference speaker. He has been working for several companies on PHP projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform. Mariusz is also member of 4Developers and PHPcon Programme Commitees and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups for PHP developers in many cities in Poland. Big-data enthustiast and data-sciencist wannabe. After hours, biker and rock guitarist.


Pawel Czerski

Experienced product manager and passionate user experience designer with key expertise in web and mobile interaction design and usability with proven success in team building and management, and service design. Paweł is the lead organizer of Front-Trends and Falsy Values, world class front-end events for web and mobile developers, interaction & UX designers, and tech entrepreneurs.

Grzegorz Reglinski

Software Application Engineer, Scrum Master at Intel Corporation.

Grzegorz has extensive experience in programming, design and implementation of applications and organization development teams.
For many years interested in agile project management methodologies.
Actively participated in the implementation of Scrum in several teams in different companies.
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