EU Web Challenge. Organizational report

EU Web Challenge. Organizational report

The final of EU Web Challenge - Open Polish Web Development Championship was held at Krakow Technology Park on November 7-8, 2015.

Web Challenge organizes dozens of IT events each year, including hackathons, online-conferences, meetups, IT Forums. Nevertheless, EU Web Challenge became a unique championship which was first conducted in Poland. The report below will show the highlights of the event.


6 nominations:
Web Design
Front-end (HTML)
Front-end (JavaScript)

2 stages:
Qualification online
Final in Krakow


885 registered participants mostly from Poland and Ukraine
77 finalists
15 judges

Experts from different areas of Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic gathered in Krakow to volunteer their time for young IT specialists development.
Web Design
Konrad Krawczyk -
Michal  Kosecki -, 
Front-end (JavaScript)
Vladimir Agafonkin - Mapbox​
Mariusz Nowak - UNCTAD
Lukasz Kokoszkiewicz​ - Lumesse
Front-end (HTML)
Anton Nemtsev - independent developer
Wojtek Zajac - X-Team
Ewa Karaszkiewicz - xHTMLized
Marcin Wolak - ABB,
Mariusz Gil - Source Ministry
Marcin Borecki - Microsoft
Anastasiia Chudovska - Opera Software
Andrii Matukhno - Microsoft, Skype
Elvira Medynska - Oracle
Stanislav Malkin - Web Challenge

General Partner - Luxoft
Partner - Microsoft
Hosting Partner - Krakow Technology Park
General Media Partner - Sparcmedia
Media Partner - Upwork


The judges developed the tasks for both qualification and final stages. During qualification each judge evaluated the tasks under provided criteria and put a mark for each solution. The final challenge for the experts was to agree on the winners unanimously.

Complete anonymity was an essential part of the championship. Judges received solutions with encrypted names. Therefore, nobody except organizers knew the names of the winners up to the award ceremony.

Below are the tasks prepared by the judges for EU Web Challenge.

  Web Design Front-end HTML Front-end JavaScript Back-end QA Team
Qualification Download Download Download Download Download Download
Final Download Download Download Download Download Download

Every participant has done his best to win the competition. Nevertheless, the strongest were selected by the judges.
Web Design

I place: Ksenia Butyrina
II place: Yana Vokhminova
III place: Helena Stretovych
III place: Pavlo Kukso
Front-end (HTML)

I place: Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi
II place: Vitaliy Bobrov
III place: Oleksii Khomenko
Front-end (JavaScript) 
I place: Oleksandr Hutsulyak
II place: Oleksandr Frolov
III place: Taras Batenkov
I place: Denys Potapov
II place: Eduard Ratushniy
III place: Andrew Slepakurov
I place: Vitalii Sotnichenko
II place: Kate Ruzhitskaya
III place: Tetiana Nedoliuk
I place: MobiDev
II place: 2hands1head
III place: Grossum
IV place: Softberry

Helena Stretovych, Web Design:

 "I'm just really, really happy that I was a part of such a great event and at the same time I feel sad that everything came to the end. As for me, it was a huge step forward, new awesome meetings, useful knowledge and a lot of the things that make me happy! Thank you very much."

Oleksii Khomenko, Front-end (HTML):
"​This was my first championship on web development. Everything was great. I got motivation and huge experience, which I look forward to implement in my future projects. Great atmosphere, amazing venue, lots of acquaintances and super useful feedback from judges. I look forward to the next EU Web Challenge".

Alexander Pomaz, Team
"Fast! Hard! Fun!
A good way to check your team in a stressful situation with limited time. This is the moment, when you have to focus only on the main task and discard the rest. Thank you all for the championship! It was cool!"

More photos from the event can be found here.
Enjoy and see you at the next EU Web Challenge.

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